Rapid diagnostic system for the point of care.

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Dx365 Reader is an advanced solution for the home and professional setting.

•  Viral & Bacterial Infection
•  Chronic Diseases
•  Wellness Checks
•  Cardiovascular Assessment
•  Elderly Care
Dx365 System

The Dx365 System.

Next level, Quantitative reader
Intuitive, seamless software
Portfolio of lateral flow tests

Preventative. Affordable. Rapid Results.

Dx365 Reader Specification

Accurate & Portable, Enabling New Healthcare Pathways.

•  Cutting edge technology
•  Lab grade accuracy
•  Up to 100 measurements on single charge
•  1,500 test results capacity
•  Fits in your palm
Dx365 Reader Connectivity

Connected & Secure.

•  Cloud based
•  Interoperable with healthcare systems
•  Secure & Encrypted
•  Anonymized & Geotagged
Dx365 Reader Features


Key adaptable diagnostic panels available in lateral flow test format


Next generation quantitative reader fits in the palm of your hand


Intuitive Dx Care software presents results directly to the end user
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Ahead of the Competitors.

Unlike other inflexible platforms, the Dx365 system is flexible across all LFT tests, a fraction of the cost of less capable diagnostics and digitally safe and secure.

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